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We sale MV Agusta, Aprilia, and ZERO motorcycles.

Reparto Veloce also offers service and parts for MV Agusta, Aprilia, ZERO, Ducati, BMW and most exotic motorcycles.


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Our mechanics and team are highly skilled and have years of experience. With many years in fabrication and racing in his background, Richard Boyd started working in fabrication and as a technician with the Ducshop in 1999 on the 748 Pro Thunder bike piloted by #911 Mike Smith. In 2000 Richard progressed to be the lead technician for HMC Ducati 816/996 SBK and rider #82 Steve Rapp. For the 2001 season, Richard moved to the HMC Ducati 998 SBK and was the lead technician for the AMA 2006 Hall of Fame inductee rider #10 Doug Chandler. In 2002, as the lead technician / fabrication for Chandler, they both moved to No Limit motorsports Honda929 FX / 600 SS, then Richard carried over as the lead technician, co-crew chief for the HMC, KTM RedBull SuperMoto team A (including Chandler, Chambon, Carlson, Kunzel and various guest riders). With the continuous success, Richard stayed as the lead technician with Chandler and HMC Ducati 749 FX. Proving Richard’s success with Ducati, Richard was the lead technician for Ducati Austin 999 SBK with #32 Eric Bostrom in 2004 and #100 Neal Hodson in 2005. From 2006 through 2011, Richard worked on various Ducati projects and race programs, the majority of programs at Ducshop. Then in 2012 Richard got the opportunity to work as co-crew chief and lead technician for #98 Jake Zemke on the Ducshop 848 DSB. With Richard’s achievements, in 2013, he created and opened Desmo Veloce and worked with the Desmo Veloce/TPL Racing’s Ducati DSB/SBK/SS with Jake Zemke, Jordan Imrie, Jake Holden, and Dario Marchetti. Over the years, Richard has found that there were some deficiencies with some of the race bikes and spent countless hours developing parts to correct some of the common problems, these professionally designed and hand-crafted parts are now available for your purchase and use.


Jayson Citron has been involved with the motorcycle community for over 2 decades. With several championships under his belt - Jayson is a regional expert on road racing and everything MV Agusta or Ducati related. He has led local track day organizations more recently with a focus on building the Arizona / Southwest racing community. Chassis set up, fuel management and tires are his areas of expertise.

They have the highest level of passion and professionalism. Simply - second to none.

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