MV Agusta Motorcycles

F4 - $20,498

The MV Agusta F4 - Breaking down the barriers of imagination. Encompassing cutting-edge technology and the latest engine design, the F4 is the best yet. A masterpiece. The top-of-the-range F4 RR contains unparalleled engineering solutions and thoroughbred excellence, ensuring total bike control and heart-stopping performance: an inertial control platform with lean angle sensor, a redefined riding position, full Ride-By-Wire, Öhlins electronic suspension and steering damper as well as GP-spec titanium con rods. All with completely new graphics and colors.

F4RR - $27,998

F4RC - $46,898

F4LH44 - $68,444

The F4 LH44 is an offshoot of the F4 RC which is derived directly from the MV Agusta Reparto Corse Superbike, the pinnacle of Italian 4-cylinder performance. Hence, the Corsa Corta engine (bore 79 mm, stroke 50.9 mm) with central timing chain and radial valves, which on this version puts out a maximum power of 205 hp (151 kW). The bike comes with a kit that includes a titanium silencer and dedicated control unit, boosting power by 7 hp to 212 hp (158 kW). It also features Lewis Hamilton's eye-catching Panther logo. “I am very excited to continue my partnership with MV Agusta.

F3 675 - $15,698

After being elected the “World’s Best-Looking 600”, the MV Agusta F3 675 is now ready to lead the pack on both street and track. Featuring the new MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) platform, this Supersport boasts an ultra-advanced chassis and cutting-edge technology on a par with the best litre-class bikes.

A supersport with a chassis and technology of unprecedented sophistication. Since its first appearance, it has emerged as the new technological benchmark in the category, growing to 800 cc to create a new segment in the international supersport market. At the same time, its racing life has been packed with success, notching up more international victories to continue the MV Agusta's enviable sporting record. This achievement has been backed by a sound team that achieved improved results and image: the Reparto Corse Cluzel and Zanetti set the fans on fire with their sharp F3 RC Tricolori, certainly the most admired and envied motorbikes in the championship. Anyone who gets their hands on a F3 RC special series bike will be able to translate these thrills to roads and track days. The F3 RC, produced in a limited edition of 100 bikes in the 675 configuration and 250 in the meatier 800 configuration.

F3RC 675/800 - $19,998 - $21,998

Dragster 800RR - $18,998

A motorcycle intended for an audience who appreciate beauty combined with performance; for the true enthusiast who wants to taste the spirit of racing and the associated technology that forms an integral part of the sport. The rims are sure to make a statement - You OWN a MV Agusta Dragster 800RR!

Dragster 800RC - $24,498

Built on the basis of Dragster RR, the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC is a new entry to the stunning RC range. A motorcycle intended for an audience who appreciate beauty combined with performance; for the true enthusiast who wants to taste the spirit of racing and the associated technology that forms an integral part of the sport. Dragster 800 RC thrives on emotions. It’s inevitable with such a pedigree that a strip of asphalt transforms into a racetrack. The three-cylinder engine is a blend of compact dimensions, light weight and incredible class leading performance. With 140 hp at 13100 rpm / min it borders on hypersports territory. It snarls with an acute yet raw exhaust note through a beautiful three element silencer developed specifically to achieve record performance for the category.

Dragster RVS - $35,998

An idea spawned from the close bond between MV Agusta and CRC (Centro Ricerche Castiglioni). RVS stands for Reparto Veicoli Speciali: short for design and engineering at the very highest level. Not just quality, but perfection. Not just research, but vision. Not just performance, but emotions.
MV Agusta presents RVS#1, the very first project created by the Reparto Veicoli Speciali. A debut that is all about uncompromising, extreme content.
Designers in the Reparto Veicoli Speciali took an already iconic, personality packed model as their starting point and then set about imagining and building a truly unique bike that stands out for its set-up, component quality, overall styling, performance and exclusivity. It will be assembled on the new 'special vehicles' production line at the Schiranna factory.
A limited, hand-built edition, a motorcycle that reflects the “one man, one bike” philosophy. Every single RVS machine has a numbered, lightweight titanium badge applied to the splendid steering head, itself a masterpiece of CNC machining.

Brutale 800 - $14,698

With a new take on its proportions, modeled on more sculpted shapes and focused on the front end, the New Brutale 800 enhances the reinterpretation of the main stylistic features, such as the elliptical shape of the headlamp, now a Full LED, and the three-pipe exhaust, with increased shape and capacity (+ 3 litres). At the heart of the new style, however, there is the futuristic frame of the saddle chassis in light alloy, which blends in with the trapezoidal tank (capacity 16.5 litres), integrated with the air box and providing greater definition and aggression.

From an aesthetic point of view, the design of the New Brutale 800 reveals a constant search for symmetry, also in the color, the creation of the foot peg mounts, the ducts and the front headlight supports. Some of the brand new features on the New Brutale 800 include its double saddle and concealed passenger handles. The instrument panel has also changed, with a new handlebar and the addition of the clutch pump and the related tank which raises the quality of the area, thanks also to the renewed digital instrument panel and electric switches.

Brutale America Edition - $14,998

Seventy-five hp of thoroughbred Italian technology, built on the splendid 1973 750 S. Many years later, at the start of the new millennium, the “America” tag rejoined the MV Agusta logo. The Brutale America had landed. An in-line four like its predecessor, its lines were those of the most gorgeous naked bike ever, its color scheme the good old red, white and blue. A collector's bike from the moment it was presented, it was sought after by MV Agusta aficionados like no other, so much so that a few years later (2012) the Schiranna engineers came up with a new Brutale America, again an in-line four.

Brutale 800RR - $18,498

The revolution, by MV Agusta, has a new name: Brutale 800 RR. Adrenaline and pure style. A sublime riding experience that has enchanted riders in search of that something more, beyond extreme acceleration. After conquering unanimous positive feedback and being voted the most beautiful bike of the year ( for EICMA 2016 (Milan, Rho Pero, 8 to 13 November) the most beautiful naked of all time returns to be the most powerful, and the most technological, whilst boasting the lowest emissions within it’s category. Thanks to the"RR" equipment, the quality of the Euro IV updates and implemented electronics the experience of the MV Agusta Brutale RR is even more intense, immediate, fluid and adrenaline inducing: 140 hp from launch, a full torque curve, complimented with the best suspension and control package.

Brutale Pirelli Edition - $21,598

A true collectors dream. Limited Edition Pirelli Brutale 800 is based on the RR model. A handful are expected to arrive in the USA. Call to reserve one before they're gone! With 140 hp at 13100 rpm / min it borders on hyper sports territory. It snarls with an acute yet raw exhaust note through a beautiful three element silencer developed specifically to achieve record performance for the category.

Brutale 1090RR - $19,998

When you say Brutale 1090RR, you think MV Agusta. The Brutale has already made motorcycling history. The child of ingenious intuition, way back in 2001, it redefined the concept of naked bikes.

Turismo Veloce - $17,698

Turismo Veloce is the boldest bike ever made by MV Agusta. This time we didn't take our inspiration from our 75 world titles or our legendary riders to set new speed or power records. We did, however, accept a challenge that was perhaps even more difficult, at least for us who feel at home on the track and are often the first to see the chequered flag flying: to make an MV Agusta touring bike The fact that it is also "Veloce" (fast) is the natural consequence.

Turismo Veloce Lusso - $21,498

Turismo Veloce Lusso -This meant redefining the design priorities: comfort, cargo capacity, smooth operation, low fuel consumption, longer service intervals and everything else a customer looks for in a bike designed for touring. Available in two versions, both share the absolute best technology available today: from the MVCSC (MV Agusta Chassis Stability Control) electronics package to the MVICS 2.0 (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) with inertial platform and the latest generation Bosch ABS. In typical MV Agusta style, we decided to adopt the electronic up&down EAS 2.0 gearbox available on all the engine maps, even on this touring bike. The overall innovation of the design also comes through in the details, such as the Full LED light clusters, the color instrumentation with TFT technology, built-in Bluetooth device to allow up to 9 different devices to be paired, the immobilizer, two USB sockets and two 12V power points. The Lusso (luxury) version takes the technical level of the Turismo 800 even higher with electronically controlled semi-active suspension as standard equipment, as well as heated hand grips, a center stand and built-in GPS sensor.